They say we don’t choose our family, and that’s true……to an extent: As a parent we have the possibility to shape and influence how our family members feel, how they behave and what they become. This is a huge responsibility and we all want to ensure we have a thriving, resilient, happy family.

In this session, we will unlock the secrets to achieving this. We will look at what we want for our family and tap into ways of working towards this. This session is designed to give you the building blocks towards creating positive change for a calmer household, improved family relationships and living a life that brings you joy.

This coaching webinar will give you a set of skills and strategies to go from chaotic to calm: to give you the confidence and understanding you need to ensure a happy, healthy family unit. Taking a deeper dive into what we can do to make this a reality will leave you with greater self-awareness and feeling more in control of your mindset so you can move forward in your work and home life.

Hannah Porteous-Butler is a parent and maternity coach supporting her clients with life transitions brought about by parenthood. She specialises in career and relationship change and returning to work after a career break/parental leave. 

Hannah is mum to three very different children (10,7,4) and a special guardian for a 4th child (well, he’s just turned 18 so officially an adult!).  In 2005 she was involved in an accident that left her with life-changing injuries. She has a solid understanding of PTSD, building resilience amongst adults and children and, with her eldest, the social care system. 

A trained neuroscience coach, Hannah takes a holistic approach to her work, delivering long lasting results with the ultimate outcome of helping clients create healthy family dynamics. To see Hannah’s profile page follow this link.