Interviews are wonderful opportunities.  They can be gateways to achieving our goals.  They can also bring with them fear (of rejection, embarrassment…) and discomfort (at not having control over the process or needing to sell ourselves).

Coaching models and reflective practice can help us to approach interviews with a positive mindset, confidence and the skills needed to articulate our strengths effectively.

In this workshop we will cover:

– Key information on the interview process – it’s purpose, your role and what interviewers are looking for 

– An approach to career changes and interviews that priorities being kindness to yourself and building your resilience 

– How to identify and articulate your strengths

– Practical advice for before, during and after interview

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Emma Gill is a career & leadership development coach, she helps mothers to become clear and confident about their careers so that they can make empowered returns from maternity leave, succeed at interview, and take on new leadership challenges.