Step parenting can be a tough “gig” but it can also be a lonely one.  With so many dynamics at play being a step parent, especially in the early years, can be complex, overwhelming, challenging and sometimes it feels like you just can’t get it right.

I firmly believe that with the right support and mindset we can turn this potentially stressful situation into a space for optimism and harmony.  My work is about being intentional in your role and active in your family, being aware of the dynamics at play in your family and wider circle, and understanding your boundaries and yourself so you can create  an environment that works for *you* as well as your partner and your family.

Attendees will learn: 

  • the importance of prioritising their relationship, setting an aligned vision for their role and the importance of patience and space.
  • the value and importance of traditions and routine and how to use these tools in an authentic way with your step family.
  • Patricia Papernow’s 7 stages of step family  development and have the opportuntity to reflect on their current stage.
  • loads of tangible steps they can take to be more empowered in their role as a step parent, to build their confidence and regain control of their situation.

Attendees will leave the session feeling more confident and in control of their role and with a plan to make positive changes that very same day.

Ainsley Keller has first-hand experience of life as a step parent coupled with decades of experience as a corporate director and leadership coach.  She’s combined her passion for nurturing and developing individuals with positive change to harness healthy & empowered family relationships.  Ainsley is proud to be accredited as an Associate Credentialed Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  She is certified in group coaching and restorative communication practises and passionate about supporting step parents to lead happier, harmonious and fulfilled lives.

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