Feeling like your career is just coasting along on autopilot? Ready to take control and steer it in a direction you’re truly passionate about?

🎧 Dive into our latest ‘Careering into Motherhood’ episode with Janine Esbrand, the visionary behind Career Change Maker (@careerchangemakers). Hear an inspiring tale of transformation that underscores the incredible power of following your passion.

A pivotal journey to East Africa opened Janine’s eyes to the significant impact she could make outside of her legal career, leading her to a fulfilling path in coaching and consulting. She’s now devoted to aiding corporate women in finding roles that resonate on a deeper level than just matching their skills.

🎙️ In this enlightening episode, Janine divulges effective strategies for standing out in the job market, creating memorable impressions, and seizing opportunities that propel your career forward.

🚀 Eager to navigate your career towards uncharted territories you’ve always envisioned? Learn how Janine can illuminate this path and support your journey by visiting Janine’s profile on the Careering into Motherhood website.