Have you lost your ’pink’ since becoming a Mum?

During a vision board workshop I attended a few months ago I kept being drawn to pictures of flamingos – and I couldn’t understand why!
But as I followed my curiosity I soon discovered that flamingos are the most perfect representation of the transformation that so many Mums go through after having kids (myself included!)
Did you know that when Flamingos have babies, their feathers lose their vibrant pink colour?
Nope! Nor did I! But apparently this happens as a sign of how much of their energy and selves they are giving to raising their chicks.
BUT as their babes grow, their colour returns – often brighter and more beautiful than EVER!
When I discovered this I couldn’t believe the coincidence and connection because THIS is EXACTLY the experience that I have been through as a Mum  (check out the video I made  for a little glimpse into my own Motherhood journey)
And it’s certainly the experience I have supported countless women through as well, through my life coaching work.
I wonder if this concept of the Mama flamingos journey resonates with you too?

  • Maybe you’ve been in the thick of raising your kids and feel you’ve been wading through the trenches, giving your all to your family a while now…?
  • Maybe, like the mother flamingo, you feel your ‘spark’ has faded or you’ve drifted away from yourself in the process…?
  • And maybe, you’re feeling so very ready to reclaim ownership over a part of your life and self that exists beyond Motherhood, that belongs to you and you alone – if only you knew how?
    If that sounds like you, please know that your ‘colour’  WILL return and you WILL come back to yourself again.

This season will make way for a new chapter that looks and feels JUST like you, where your hopes and aspirations and passions have space to re-emerge and play to their hearts content.

And just like the flamingo, I’m certain that when your time is right the character-building, life-changing experience you’ve gained from nurturing your babes will help you return with even more magic to share with the world, and with so much additional value to contribute to your next chapter.
I know you may be worried that you may never make your comeback.
I know you may not know what life will look or feel like on the other side.
And I know it can feel bloody scary embarking on that journey alone.
So please remember, there are so many of us ‘flamingos’ out there too, who have spent time flapping around, waiting to come back to themselves and begin their next chapter.

And please remember that you don’t have to tread that path of reconnecting with yourself and your future alone, if you don’t want to.
Are you ready to get your ‘pink’ back with the guidance, support and cheerleading of a fellow flamingo mum who has made the transition already?
Then get in touch with me today or book a free chat with me,  and let’s talk about how we can make it happen for you too.
If Flamingos can do it (and if I can do it!!) so can you!

This article was written by  Tamsin Williamson, one of Careering into Motherhood’s Partner Coaches. Tamsin is a transformational life and mindset coach empowering ambitious but unfulfilled mums to reconnect with their passion, purpose and potential, so they can rule life while raising kids unapologetically on their terms. You can get in touch via her profile page or her website https://theparenthoodcoach.co.uk/