🤯 Ever found yourself at a loss for words—or worse, saying something you regret—to your kids during a tough parenting moment? 🤬

🎧 Tune into the latest episode of our podcast with Hannah Porteous-Butler, a Parent Coach with @thepeoplepracticegroup. This episode brings a raw, unfiltered look into the real-life challenges and joys of parenthood. Hannah shares her personal anecdotes and expert insights that will resonate deeply with every parent.


Hannah’s down-to-earth approach shines through as she acknowledges the rollercoaster ride of parenthood—the messy moments, the unexpected twists, and the heart-warming triumphs. Through her nurturing guidance, she offers a lifeline to parents, helping them navigate the challenges with newfound confidence, resilience, and empathy.

💡 Drawing from her own experiences with four kids, Hannah emphasizes the importance of embracing the imperfect beauty of raising children. She not only empowers parents to find joy and fulfilment amidst the chaos but also instills a sense of hope by showing how cultivating inner strength and acceptance can lead to a more rewarding parenting journey.