Let me talk straight with you…

I can’t hand confidence to you in a ready-made gift box, tied up in a pretty bow.

Nobody can in reality – and anyone that promises to snap their fingers and *POOF* you’re confident is blowing smoke up your ass (and their own!!)

BUT that doesn’t mean becoming more confident is unattainable, or that you can’t be supported to embody that most confident and empowered version of yourself.

That confident version of you is 100% there for the taking, waiting in the wings!

  • But she can’t be summoned with a click of the fingers
  • A quick fix
  • A wave of a magic wand
  • A rushed swipe of the credit card


Confidence is a much more complex and profound force than that, full of nuance and beautiful depth.

  • She needs to be nurtured and cultivated
  • She doesn’t like to be rushed or pressured out of her safe cocoon
  • And she can’t be handed over on a platter


Becoming confident is a step-by-step process of slowly but surely taking intentional steps forward, of growing and unfurling and blossoming and blooming…

Until you feel that confidence ingrained deep in your bones and believe in yourself whole heartedly

Cultivating confidence will empower you to show up in the world loud and proud and unapologetically as YOU – because nobody else will do.

You’ll feel it in the way you hold yourself, the way you use your voice, the way you walk into a room, the way you communicate, the way you make decisions and the way you stay grounded in yourself.

This is the type of confidence that I have invested in for myself (and continue to, because it is ALWAYS work in progress!)

And it’s the type of confidence I have the honour and privileged to help my clients to cultivate through…

  • Reconnecting with their most authentic selves…
  • Truly seeing themselves for all they are…
  • Learning to trust and respect themselves…
  • Exchanging their self doubt with self belief…
  • Creating boundaries to protect their deepest desires and precious energy
  • Learning to love and celebrate themselves


THIS is the real deal! And it is work that your future self will always thank you for!

If you’re ready to step out of the shadows and meet your most confident self, I’d love to take you on that journey. Just drop me an email and let’s explore whether working together feels like the right next move for you.

This article was written by  Tamsin Williamson,  one of our partner coaches who supports women who is empowering ambitious but unfulfilled mums to reconnect with their passion, purpose and potential, so they can rule life while raising kids unapologetically on their terms. You can get in touch via her profile page  or visiting her website  https://theparenthoodcoach.co.uk/.