When things feel scary, uncertain or uncomfortable, our natural human response is to freeze up and look for safety, as our fight or flight instinct springs into action trying to protect us from harm.

Making big changes in our lives or careers can have that effect. They require a leap of faith, courage and resilience. The fear of failure is REAL!

And it can feel much easier to cocoon ourselves in the safety and familiarity of what we know rather than risk stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

But, it’s important to recognise that NOT taking a risk and staying stuck in a rut can also end up feeling a whole lot harder to navigate

Because when we want (or need) to make a change but do nothing about it, that sense of ‘safety’ can rapidly evolve into feelings of resentment, frustration and stagnation… especially if we realise that we’ve been treading water for weeks, months or years – and NOTHING has actually changed.

(I know this because I’ve been there + bought the t-shirt!)

Does any of this resonate with you?

YES, making a change COULD end in disappointment, upset or vulnerability, which IS scary

But scary doesn’t mean you are unsafe.

Fear does NOT need to equate to worst case scenario.

And taking the easy route doesn’t always mean it’s the right route for you!

‘Scary’ things can lead us to the most WONDERFUL places and open us up to so much amazing possibility like:

  • An exciting new career
  • Making new friends or connections
  • Emotional freedom
  • Better work-life balance
  • Improved self-worth and confidence
  • Increased fulfilment and happiness


So when you next think about making a change and feel the fear bubbling up and overwhelming you, try asking yourself…


And see if you can take even one small but courageous action, there and then, towards saying YES to yourself.

Because you DO have the power to take control of your life and BE the change that you desire if you take a deep, brave breath and show up for yourself and your future – even when it feels scary.

And you never know… on the other side of that sh*t scary thing could be the change that sets your heart on fire!

If you’d like some help navigating your next big change and tackling your fears head on, I’d love to be your wing woman. Do get in touch and we can explore how I can support you.

This article was written by Tamsin Williamson,  The Parenthood Coach.