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Live Your Life on Purpose hosted by Tamsin Williamson

Price: £28

An interactive coaching workshop supporting Mums to re-discover a meaningful, purpose-filled life to LOVE while balancing Motherhood.

  • Are you aimlessly winging it through day-to-day life, without it really feeling like your own? 
  • Are you stuck at a crossroads, knowing you want MORE for yourself, your career or life but unsure what ‘your thing’ is?
  • Are you driving yourself mad with endless indecision, wishing someone else would just make ‘the right choice’ for you? 

These are all signs that you may not be living your life ‘on purpose’ – a place that so many women find themselves after having kids. 

And when that happens things can feel all sorts of blurry and out of focus – and life can start to lack meaning or direction. 

But, just because you may have (momentarily) lost your grasp on what is true and meaningful for yourself beyond being a mum, it doesn’t mean that a purposeful life isn’t available to you. 


In fact, your ‘WHY’ is living and breathing inside you right now – even if you don’t have the foggiest clue what it is or where it is hiding! You may just need to go digging for it…which is EXACTLY what we’ll do together during this coaching workshop.


  •  During this 60-minute interactive coaching workshop I’ll guide through an empowering process of reconnecting with your most true and authentic self, so you can start to live your life ‘on purpose’ 
  • We’ll excavate what feels purposeful for YOU in your own right and WHY those things matter 
  • And together we’ll highlight some motivating anchor points to help you live your life with more clarity, intention, meaning and direction

What will your ticket give you? 

  • Workshop Access: Lifetime access to the workshop recording to watch back time and time again 
  • Accompanying Workbook: To guide you through the workshop and continue reflecting independently