Are you delaying the inevitable?
Deeply knowing that you need to make a change in your life but putting off tackling it because it just feels too big and overwhelming to face?
Protecting yourself from the discomfort of things changing?
Burying your head in the sand hoping things get better on their own?
Terrified in case your attempts at change don’t work out as you hoped?

Taking action when we’re at our lowest point can feel like such a tiring tug of war. The hope of all there is to gain is twinkling seductively on the horizon – while the terrifying abyss of the unknown pushes us away.
But one thing is for certain:

If you do NOTHING then there’s a strong possibility that nothing will change by itself 
There’s also strong possibility your treading water will lead to more frustration, dissatisfaction, and resentment in the long run.

Which will only serve to deplete your energy and motivation levels to make that necessary change.
If you recognise yourself in this behaviour cycle I described here, now might be a really great time to momentarily override your resistance, pause your procrastination and ask yourself some big questions…


  • What will life look like a year from now if I don’t make a change in my life?
  • Are things really likely to get better on their own?
  • What’s really stopping me doing this by myself?
  • What would I choose to do if I let go of my fear?


If the answers to these questions have given you any sort of wake-up call, please use this as your invitation to TAKE YOUR NEXT STEP FORWARD TODAY!

If making a change is an inevitability, if you know that it isn’t a case of ‘IF’ but ‘WHEN’ – then let today be the day you start making those all-important moves forward that you want, need and deserve.

Don’t waste one more day feeling rubbish, knowing there’s that the possibility of a brighter future is out there waiting for you.


And for the record – you don’t need to dive straight in making huge, bold moves.

Even a small and unassuming shuffle forward has power and will serve as evidnece to yourself that you CAN do this, that you ARE capable of change. That’s all you need to do – go step by step, feeling your way forward intuitively and with curiosity, hope and compassion.

And remember  – you don’t have to go on that journey your own if you don’t want to (because I KNOW how terrifying that can feel, from first-hand experience!)
Change IS scary and overwhelming, but it is also in reach! ✨
And I’d love to help you navigate through to that promised land as your supportive and trusted side-kick!
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today (or soon!) if you’re ready to say YES to change.

It’s time to stop delaying the inevitable so you can get back to YOU x