I’ve consistently lived and breathed the story that I’m totally inept and incapable at anything technology related.

I’m not quite sure where or how or why I exactly crafted that story about myself.

– Maybe I had a few difficult past experiences at work, where I felt overwhelmed and out of my depth and I made it mean something about myself?
– Maybe someone else deemed me to be incapable (to make themselves feel MORE capable?) and so I chose to believe them?
– Maybe I unconsciously subscribed to the ingrained patriarchal societal bullish*t narrative that women are notoriously ‘less good’ at dealing with tech?

What I DO know however, is that this story I have attached to myself for way too long has most definitely held me back. It has stopped me trying certain things, it has made me waste hours procrastinating, it has diluted my self-belief to achieve new stuff and it has made me over-reliant on others rather than looking to myself.
And ultimately, it has bedded itself in as a really annoying and unconsciously destructive part of my identity.

Until NOW…

Because the thing is, I really wanted to start my own podcast. It had been on my mind and in my heart for ages – but I’d told myself that because I’m crap with tech I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own, I would get stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated and it would ruin the whole experience for me.
I blocked myself – and in turn I blocked access to a big, beautiful personal aspiration. Which SUCKED – to be polite!!!

Thankfully, I was also able to realise that by attaching myself to this belief, I was also doing myself and my business (and subliminally my kids!) a MASSIVE disservice. And the only way for me to truly do myself justice in the ways I innately knew I deserved, was to call bullish*t on the story and override it.
Now, don’t be fooled here – I’m VERY aware that calling out our fears and inner narratives is far from an easy task!!! And it has been UNCOMFORTABLE stepping into a new identity and trying on a new behaviour for size.

But, step by step, I faced the unknown and found my own ways to learn, to understand, to troubleshoot, to get comfortable with the not knowing.
I had to reallllly remind myself that I was capable, tenacious, resourceful, good enough (as you are too, btw). And I only bloody went and got my podcast out into the world, didn’t I!

Off my own back! Using my own initiative and my own tech skills!!
And OMG, it’s everything I hoped it would be…and more! (You can have a listen here if you’re feeling nosy – https://theparenthoodcoach.co.uk/podcast )

And while I can’t believe I nearly didn’t make it happen – I’m so very grateful to myself that I did.
Since overcoming the podcast hurdle, I’ve been faced with other ‘tech’ challenges’ – and off the back of my podcasting triumph, it has been amazing to witness how much more confidence I now have to detach from my natural ‘panic mode’, to figure things out and navigate my way through.
It has been a great reminder that we all have rubbish stories that hold us back and keep us small – BUT that we also ALL have the power to re-write those stories and take ownership of our lives in the ways we desire.

WE ALL DO! (yup, that includes you too, my friend!)

  • Maybe you’re stuck in a story right now about why you can’t leave your job / start a business / get a promotion / apply for that role / retrain in something new….?
  • But maybe, just maybe, that story is just a story – which you have the power to re-write in all the ways your heart desires.
    I’m living proof it is possible (and I have a heap of brilliant women walking around this earth who I’ve helped to do the same as well!)
    Wanna know how?  Then let me help you.


Because it’ll be so much easier to challenge your inner ‘sh*tty committee’ with a cheerleader (like me!) in your corner – and your aspirations are way too important to stay stuck in the shadows.

This article was written by  Tamsin Williamson, one of Careering into Motherhood’s Partner Coaches. Tamsin is a transformational life and mindset coach empowering ambitious but unfulfilled mums to reconnect with their passion, purpose and potential, so they can rule life while raising kids unapologetically on their terms. You can get in touch via her profile page or book a free discovery call.