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Build Your ‘You-Shaped’ Business with Tamsin Williamson

Price: £28

An interactive coaching workshop for self-employed Mums where you’ll discover the 5 powerful ingredients to build and grow a thriving, aligned life and business on YOUR terms, without sacrificing family life (or yourself)

Whether you’re an ‘up-and-running’ business owner already or you’re preparing to dive into entrepreneurship, this jam-packed 60-minute workshop will support you to…

  • Learn how it IS possible to run and grow a thiriving business on YOUR terms while maintaining your integrity as a parent
  • Believe that your business and family can happily co-exist side by side (rather than at loggerheads)
  • Experience the beautiful ripple effect when you create a joyful life and business that feels like YOU


During this workshop experience you will…

  • Discover the 5 essential ingredients to build and grow a ‘you-shaped’ business that honours your WHOLE self
  • Learn what you need to protect your time, energy and priorities as a business owner AND a parent
  • Understand the number 1 mindset  shift to help you get out of your own way and show up confidently for your business, family and yourself
  • Start creating those first ripples towards a greater sense of professional fulfillment, personal freedom and balance as a parent, all at once


“This was fabulous, Tamsin, thank you so much! What was most useful was the way you looked at the whole person we are, not our business in isolation. The content just all felt so true to the challenges I’ve faced doing this & also reminded me there’s a reason it feels hard, because there are so many components to consider. You give that space for parenthood to really matter and that’s so refreshing”
(Vanessa, Therapist and Mum of 2)


“I loved this workshop! So much resonated with me and the content helped lots of gears click into place in my head. You’re such an engaging and passionate presenter. This will change the lives of so many self-employed Mums!”
(Nicola, Architect and Mum of 2)