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How to manage your energy at home and work by Georgina Gray

Date: 19 January - 1 March (6 x 1 hour sessions)

Price: £250 including weekly resources sent by email and a WhatsApp chat/ on call support between sessions

Join me and other working mums on a 6 week group learning journey exploring new ways to manage your energy at home and at work.

Through a mix of coaching and facilitation, teaching of empowering tools, and fun, creative exercises you will explore the concept of energy and how you can manage it to resource you, share your stories and learn together.

I believe energy management is such an important skill as a working mum because we have very little energy (and time!) to spare. When we see our energy as a renewable resource and manage it well, it can resource us!

What we’ll cover:

  1. Introductions & Outcomes: How we’ll work together and manage energy as a group
  2. Managing my energy: What gives me energy and what depletes my energy
  3. My energy in 1-1s: Understanding my energy in 1-1 relationships
  4. Managing energy in groups: Recognising and working with the energy in groups
  5. Managing energy in groups: How to flip the energy from drama to empowerment
  6. Next steps around energy: My learnings and ongoing personal energy plan

What you’ll get from the journey

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Shared learning and ideas from other working mums, perhaps with different perspectives to you
  • Space to be with your thoughts and feelings
  • New energy management tools and practices to use at work and home
  • Connection and camaraderie in the group: building new relationships and support networks

I use movement and green space in my coaching so even though this is an online programme on Zoom we will get creative with how we can bring both of these to the experience. In other groups we have done some sessions as WhatsApp walk and talks!

Please contact me or book time with me via Calendly if you are interested in joining and would like to find out more!

Dates: Weekly 1 hour Zoom calls on Fridays 1-2 pm, from 19 January to 1 March (excluding w/c 12 Feb for half term)

Cost: £250 per person

To register please email