Energy flows where attention goes, says Tony Robbins, the American life and business coach.

Gen Z call it manifestation, splashing their dreams and intentions over TikTok, and practising manifesting and gratitude as a way of managing anxiety and getting what they want.

For anyone starting a business or going freelance I imagine you have a dream or vision of what you want to be different even if it isn’t fully articulated. This will likely be for yourself (e.g. greater flexibility, a better lifestyle, developing your craft), as well as the people you want to serve and the change you want to see.

Getting this clarity and then visualising or articulating your dream is often the harder part. You know it’s in you, but getting it out and sharing it with others is difficult.

With my clients, I find that when given the right tools, space and support, they get into a creative flow and express their vision or dream through words, drawings, collages, movement and moodboards. Think you’re not creative? There’s always a way to connect to what’s in you, and a coach is a great person to help!

My top visioning tip 

The trick with thinking about what you want in your business/ freelance work is to make sure you’re covering the bases. Often we focus on the area(s) that come most naturally to us and lose sight of or de-prioritise the others which leads to an imbalance in work/ life.

I invite you to think about three areas:

  1. Impact: What is your business/ work seeking to do and with who?
  2. Lifestyle: What do you want your work/ life/ family balance to look and feel like?
  3. Money: What are your money goals to resource the lifestyle you want?

Exploring these questions and putting something down on paper or creating something visual to represent your dreams is powerful. Your vision is the thing to go back to when reality gets tough to remember why you started the journey and to re-energise you. It’s also the place from which you set milestones towards that future point to keep you on track. I do it for myself and I’ve done it with many clients over the last 9 years, from individuals to leadership teams in organisations.

Neuroscience backs up manifestation/ intention setting. Neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart talks eloquently about it (Google “The science behind manifestation”). She explains that when we create a vision we are training our brain to be aware of the things we want, so that when our brains selectively filter information (which they do constantly in our information overloaded lives) they do not filter out the people or connections that will help us. As a result we are more likely to notice and grasp opportunities that move us towards our vision.

If you are starting a business or going freelance I’d love to have a chat and see how I could support you through coaching. Please visit my profile page where you can book an intro Calendly call with me.