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Resourcing yourself for the autumn term by Georgina Gray

Date: 13th September - 18th October

Price: £200

Resourcing yourself for the autumn term

6 week group coaching programme for working mums

The autumn term is the longest, busiest and darkest. If we’re not careful we can get swept along and end up limping to Christmas without having paid attention to our own needs!

It’s also a time of the year when it’s natural to turn our energy inwards which supports deeper, more reflective work on ourselves.

I am hosting a 6 week group coaching programme this side of half term to help you feel more resourced for this marathon of a term. Think of it as ‘your time’ each week to take a breath, connect with like-minded women and explore key themes around resourcing yourself when you’re a busy, working mum. Spaces are limited to 12 people.

What we’ll cover:

1. Contracting & Context setting. Who are we and how do we want to work together?

2. Goal setting. What am I doing and how am I being differently this term?

3. Covering the basics. How am I resourcing myself with food, sleep, exercise, rest?

4. Noticing and sensing. What are the signs I’m resourced/ not? How do I notice/ sense them?

5. Working with our saboteurs e.g. guilt. What gets in the way of me resourcing myself, and how can I work with my saboteurs?

6. Being compassionate. What does self-compassion/ compassion to others look like?

What you’ll get 

  • Regular headspace
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Shared learnings and inspiration from other mums
  • New tools and practices to use at work and home
  • Connection and camaraderie: deepening relationships in the group


As well as being a coach I am an experienced group facilitator of creative and energising workshops in which I create safe spaces for people to come together, share their thoughts and feelings, and take away new ideas and practices.

I use movement and green space in my coaching so even though this is an online programme we will get creative with how we can bring both of these to the experience!

Please contact me or book time with me via Calendly if you are interested in joining and would like to find out more!

Dates: Weekly 1 hour Zoom calls on Wednesdays 12.30-1.30pm, from 13 September to 18 October 2023

Cost: £200 per person

To register please email