There is never enough time in the day to practice self-care and prioritise well-being although we know it is essential for long-term success and happiness. What if we tried another approach? One that doesn’t add self-care to our never-ending to-do list and makes us feel inadequate for not following through?

Many believe time is our most valuable resource. No wonder we all chase the clock! But I challenge it! I believe our energy is our most valuable resource, especially because it’s renewable. 

Personal Energy Management is the answer for ambitious women who don’t want to choose, who want to be successful and feel good.

This coaching webinar provides you with practical tools and strategies to be more productive, improve your relationships and feel more satisfied in daily life by intentionally maintaining and recharging your personal energy.

You will walk away with your personal action plan to successfully maintain and recharge your energy so that you can successfully navigate the rollercoaster of everyday life and show up as your best self when it matters most.

The host is Philine Chucri. Philine is a Leadership & Life Balance Coach and a proud mum of 2 with over 12 years of global corporate experience. She empowers her clients to manage overwhelm, confidently create the work-life balance they desire and grow into the person and parent they want to be.