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How do we do this? Succeeding as dual-career parents with Rachel Childs

Date: 15th Jan – 5th Feb 2024

Price: £450 per couple

Through a four-week programme, you will build clarity and alignment on how to navigate two careers now you are parents, and simultaneously strengthen the foundations of your relationship.

Before you became parents, you were able to say ‘yes’ to every career opportunity, event, trip abroad (or even just in the UK) with very little discussion. As soon as you become parents, every one of these requires negotiation with your partner, often calling in favours from secondary carers and in many cases a decision that one person needs to ‘opt out’ or step back in their career ambitions.

With more discussion about both of your career desires and an openness to different ways that you can support both your careers, I can help you find a balance that will result in personal and professional satisfaction.

Aimed at parents with young children, this virtual programme helps you to reconnect as a couple and confidently build a balanced parenting partnership that supports two working parents, all from the comfort of your own home.

Becoming parents is a magical phase of life but doesn’t come without its challenges, even for the strongest couples.

  • When did you last have a conversation that didn’t revolve around your child(ren)?
  • Are your interactions more frequently tinged with frustration than affection?
  • Do you feel more disconnected than connected as a couple?
  • Do you feel heard?
  • Do you want your partner to support you more?

If you connect with any of these statements, you’re not alone. Research shows that within three years after the birth of a baby, approximately two thirds of new parents will experience a significant drop in relationship quality and have a dramatic increase in conflict and hostility.

The first few years after having a baby are a whirlwind. Taking the time together will reduce hostility, build your relationship quality, and give you the space to reconnect.


Through four group sessions, we will

  • Align on the values that are important for your family unit.
  • Get clear on your individual and family goals for the next few years.
  • Identify the dual-career framework that will best suit your family and career goals.
  • Build techniques to confidently support each other.


As a result, you and your partner will:

  • Feel more connected and aligned.
  • Have tools to help navigate your careers and parenting.
  • Feel equipped.


What you get:

Connect with a small community of couples who are in a similar parenting phase while strengthening the foundations of your partnership.

  • Four virtual group coaching sessions – 15th, 22nd, 29th Jan, 5th Feb 2024; 19:30-21:15.
  • Reflection activities to try out as a couple between session.
  • Email or What’s app support.

To register or book an introductory call, contact