Juggling two careers and parenthood is hard. There’s no one way to do it, and much of our societal and workplace norms aren’t set up to proactively support working parents or equal parenting. This results in 1 in 10 working mothers quitting their jobs, and 1 in 5 considering leaving work due to the challenges that come with balancing professional and childcare duties.

This session will give you: 

  1. Strategies to maintain and nurture your relationship amidst the stresses of parenting.
  2. Ways to discuss your needs without conflict.
  3. Practical tools to cope with the challenges of raising children within a dual-career family

Two-thirds of couples experience a decline in relationship satisfaction after becoming parents. Rachel Childs, the host of the coaching webinar,  helps couples navigate the early years of parenthood with strong and supportive parenting partnerships. She is the founder of Parents that Work and author of Beyond Baby Talk: two people, nine months and the twelve conversations you never knew you needed to have.  Whether you’re planning to start a family, transitioning from parental leave or navigating how to build a dual-career partnership, she creates a space for you to explore the decisions and challenges as a couple. 

This webinar is a great way to start the conversations about how you can strengthen the most important team that you’re part of, and be role models for equal, present parenting to your children. 

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