There is only one BOSS in your Life and that’s YOU!

Not the manager you report into…

The MD of the company you work for..

The CEO of the company you work for…

If we treated our lives like a business I wonder how much happier we would be?

We often give so much power and mind-time to our jobs and careers that we then leave very little in the pot left for our personal lives.

Say if we:

  • Track your period cycle to align with your career goals
  • Scheduled meetings in our dairy for ourselves. To discuss how we are feeling, what we are working on in our lives and what’s next.
  • Book in a monthly, quarterly and yearly performance review into our calendars, journaling our achievements our challenges and what makes us feel good.
  • Budget our expenses and ensure we are allocating funds for our wellbeing first. Pots for retreats, learning, dining out, self-exploration etc.
  • Invest in our inner selves with consultations with our friends, family, therapist and career / wellbeing coaches.
  • It’s so important and critical to understand what we WANT before we create habits on what to DO! As a career coach my job is to empower and champion the women I work with and ensure we have a foundation of self-period-care before we embark on the career and titles. The self-care will inform the habits, actions and goals and build the confidence to negotiate and navigate the working system on your terms.


So now that you have promoted yourself to being the BOSS, create a strategy for the Business of You, Scheduled your wellbeing plan and we can now begin on the Business of Freelance!

As a freelancer, while doing great work is important, it isn’t enough. You’ve also got to focus on building your business. Below a few essential points to consider as you embark on your freelance journey:

Create a Budget  


A staple in understanding how much you’d like to make as you start out on your journey.

Understanding your financial position is the one greatest healers for wellbeing in the business world. But understanding what your expenses are and your reason for making money will set you on a path of enjoyment as you concentrate on the things that fulfil your passions in life.

I began my freelance journey 20 years ago and used to pen my budget onto a pukka pad, then evolved to spreadsheets and now I use online software. We often get a job based on its prestige because it’s the route my parents wanted for me etc. Well how about we unlearn everything we’ve been “taught” about work and life and actually choose a lifestyle aligned to our soul’s purpose.  Do you know how much money you need to cover expenses? This can help and inform how you manage your business time and next steps.

Manage Your Time  


It’s subjective depending on what calendar solar system you choose to align with. I advise my clients to work on their internal time clock and mute the digital time!

Ultimately managing time is down to priority. Prioritize around your goals. What do you need to do to make progress on those goals. Say your biggest goal is to earn £150,000 this year.


Choose the top 3 things to prioritize to accomplish this goal:  


  • Source 20 new clients
  • Sales funnels
  • Revamp website


Then apply across quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily tasks.

How to price for your Services  


I work remotely often with subcontractors based worldwide. My biggest gripe is working with anyone who prices their services based on time! Clock watching was manufactured for the industrial revolution!

Most frequent freelancers charge for their service based on the number of hours they work on a project. This limits your earnings – to earn more income you will need to earn more hours and there’s a limit to how many hours you can work!

Choose value-based pricing: 


  • Why do they need you?
  • Why do they need your service?
  • How much is it worth?
  • How to quantify need?


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This article was written by Pamella Bisson, one of our partner coaches, who empowers women to track their cycle for career success.  You can find out more about Pamella by visiting her profile page.