What small HABITS will you start today?

I have over 20 + years hands on experience in the media industry, across many time zones and compound learning is still my top self-discovery priority!

In 2019 I listened to 1 audio book a week for a whole year

That equaled to approx 535 hours of listening and 52 books of learning

In 2020 I invested in over 50 online courses;

  • Wing Chun
  • Positive Birthing Company
  • Wellbeing in corporate land
  • Pixar storytelling
  • Get Your Script on TV
  • Train the Trainer courses
  • Coaching Courses
  • Investment Courses…

Image: Weekly Wing Chun lessons with my Sifu from The AWA via ZOOM. My 3 month old supporting my health goals ;0 

In 2021 I did an online Yale University course on emotional intelligence, an aromatherapy program …and have finished over 10 online courses! 


I work full time for myself on my terms. I invest, run businesses and truly enjoy every drop of life!

See below my top tiny habits tips to create BIG healthy BOSS lifestyles…

Pen top 5 topic matters that excite you then


  1. Source online courses forums and social media groups and join them
  2. Set a yearly goal of when and how many courses you’d like to attend in your topic matters and ACTION THEM!
  3. Ensure to share your experiences in your forums and expand your human network
  4. Add the courses to your professional platforms CV, LI etc and
  5. Repeat!


Learning opens your mind to more possibilities, it helps invigorate your well-being and ensures you slay the ABUNDANCE lane daily!

This article was written by  Pamella Bission, one of our partner coaches who empowers women to track their cycle for career success.  You can get in touch via her profile page .