You are living a FAKE life! And your PERIOD can help you live an authentic one… 

I made you look, will you continue to read on? 

Would your belief in the headline differ depending on whether “I AM”… 

*A famous news anchor 

*Your best friend 

*A leading broadcaster 

Isn’t everything FAKE news unless it’s REAL to you? Enter my experience.. .. 

5 years ago today I made a few life choices that have revolutionised my perception of myself and the world. Growing up I sought external validation, about my thoughts, my hair, my nutrition and my values. On most days I could be found fully indulged in the seductive outer world of energy. This became manifest in constantly checking my horoscopes from leading papers, watching every news outlet and consuming every morsel of drama…on TV, via podcasts, at work, in the hair salon and beyond! 


I took a deep breath and stopped… truly stopped. The trigger, well after reading another article telling me my afro hair was coarse and unmanageable and I needed to use harsh chemicals “strong enough to burn through a soda can”(Footnote 1) to change it. I gleefully went ahead and did, in turn convincing myself that having straight hair will make my life “better”. My best friend did the same and after a few years all her hair fell out. I needed to call a meeting with myself and look inwards! 

I decided to consider 

*the source 

*the agenda 

*the reason 

*Source — TV Show 

*Agenda — to sell a product 

*Reason — to increase sales 

I then went on a journey of truth and was met with scientific and empirical evidence that my afro hair is actually fine and delicate (Footnote 2) compared to many other types of hair. 

We all welcome information that we feel is true. Even armed with scientific and empirical evidence we must use our B.R.A.I.N 

Benefit — of having this information? 

Risks — of consuming this information? 

Alternative — are there other sources of this information? Always choose more than one 

Instincts- what does my instincts say about this information? 

Nothing- what happens if I do nothing with this information? 

We all welcome information that we feel is true. Even armed with scientific and empirical evidence we must use our right to choose. 

Choice, a divisive word that keeps psychologists debating. 

If a choice affects you, you should be the one to make it! 

During my coaching session I often ask my clients who do you work for? 

I’m often given the name of a well known company… and then I ask who is your boss? 

I’m often given the name of another person. 

In this moment I remind them they work for themselves and they are the CEO of their lives. 

My program is called Boss Your Career Program because you choose within the environment you have created for yourself, how to think, how to live and how best to navigate your life journey. 

And now I have a secret to share…if you are open to receiving… 

The key to staying true in a world of stories … 


Track you cycle to understand your feelings 

Track your cycle to tune into your true frequency 

Track your cycle to discern your engagements 

Track your cycle to live a life aligned to your goals 

You choose what news information you allow into your brain 

You choose what energy you focus on 

You choose what information you retain 

You choose what you want for your life 

Basically Track your cycle to enable you to make better choices … 

Is it your job to educate ignorance, unconscious bias or to consume it and allow it to consume your day? 

You have one life and if you choose to absorb negative one-sided information, that’s your choice. 

You have one life if you choose to use it to better yourself daily, be kind to others and create your own system that aligns with your sensibilities, that’s your choice. 

You have one life … what will YOU CHOOSE to do? 

So if FAKE /Dishonest news are stories told from different storytellers we must decide which bedtime story we want to consume! 

This article was written by  Pamella Bission, one of our partner coaches who empowers women to track their cycle for career success.  You can get in touch via her profile page .