So much interview practice is focused on what you need and want to say in a short space of time but to be successful, try flipping your prep and consider this:

What do you want the panel to say to each other immediately after you’ve left the interview room?  

What impression have you left that is the first thing they comment on? What’s the most prominent trait they saw in you?

You see, where you don’t have control over the questions they ask and the order they ask them in, you do have control over the impression you leave.

Over all the years I’ve been asking my interview coaching clients this question I’ve had very different responses:

  • Knowledgeable
  • A safe pair of hands
  • Committed
  • A great fit
  • Wow!
  • We need to offer her the job
  • She knows her stuff
  • She’s just what we’re looking for


I hope you can see that whatever it is you want them to say about you, needs to then be part of your preparation. How will you demonstrate you’re a safe pair of hands? How will you share your knowledge? What do you need to do and say to get them to feel you’re a great fit? this might come from your responses but also be seen in the questions you get to ask them at the end.

And remember not all interviewees are more senior. What would you want a line report, peer or junior team member of the team say when you’re out of earshot?

Good luck if you’ve got an interview coming up. And get in touch if you’d like some help.

This article was written by our partner coach Emily Bal. Emily has been supporting midlifers with career confidence since 2017 and can help you prepare for an interview, update your CV or work out your plan B. You can get in touch via her profile page or book a chemistry call here.