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Rebecca Amin

Supporting parents who feel stuck and unhappy in their work to find their way back to career happiness or to return with confidence after maternity leave

Location: Surrey

Year Qualified: 2018

Areas of Expertise

  • Career change

  • Clarity of direction and goal setting

  • Returning to work

  • Transition to a more senior role

  • CV writing

Coaching Qualifications

  • BSc Psychology, University of Wolverhampton

  • Core Coaching Skills Training, Career Counselling Service

Professional Background

After completing my psychology degree, I entered the corporate world. After spending four years in recruitment agencies, I transitioned 'in-house'. I spent 14 years working for Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS), a world-leading recruitment process outsourcing company. I had the opportunitiy to work in numerous organisations, including Deloitte, 3i and Credit Suisse.


After having my children I transitioned internally - taking a senior manager role programme managing the set up of new clients within AMS. I therefore developed not only my commercial competencies and an in-depth understanding of the corporate world, but also my people development skills. I purposely navigated myself into a role primarily focused on leading teams and nurturing their growth. I was also involved in the internal mentoring programme operating across AMS.    

What Drew You To Coaching?

After having my children in 2013 and 2015, I found my priorities, values and motivations had changed. There was nothing wrong with the company I worked for or the role I had, but it no longer lit me up. I felt lost, confused, angry and even resentful. How had I worked so hard to get to this point in my career and then not be happy?


I personally had some coaching and then realised career coaching as a career for myself would be perfect.


Given my personal experiences as a working mum, I chose to focus on helping parents who find themselves at a crossroads after having children; who are unhappy in their careers but cannot see what to do or where to go next in order to be happy in their careers again.


The thing I love most about this is seeing my clients go from lost, going around in circles, feeling like there's no happy alternative, to being happy and positive again. I love seeing them realise the opportunities that do exist and watching them, with my support and guidance, do the work that enables them to be happy at work once again. Nothing fills me with more job satisfaction than receiving a message from a client telling me they got the job/ interview for a career change role/ promotion!

Fee Structure

I offer programme packages rather than charging by the hour.


These packages are currently as follows:


  • Confusion, Clarity, Action programme £945

  • Confusion to Clarity programme £825

  • Return with confidence (maternity returner programme) £695

  • Intensive Take Action programme £375

Group Sessions:

Five sessions of one hour each. Up to six participants. £425 per person.

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