Ever found yourself lost in the whirlwind of motherhood, feeling like you’re running a marathon with no finish line in sight?

You’re not alone. In my conversations with clients, I’ve heard tales of exhaustion so deep, it feels like they’re on autopilot, navigating through a fog of overwhelm. But here’s the kicker: it’s not just about being tired. It’s about that sinking feeling of Mum Burnout, where even a solid night’s sleep doesn’t make a dent.

Picture this: you’re juggling a dozen tasks, feeling like you’re dropping the ball in every direction. That guilt? It’s a constant companion, whispering reminders of all the things you should be doing better. But Mum Burnout is more than just being worn-out; it’s a state of emotional disconnect that creeps into your relationships, leaving you feeling like you’re on an island, alone.

But fear not! There’s a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos. These five game-changing strategies will help you reclaim your sanity and rediscover the joy in motherhood.

Recovery strategies:  


1. Talk to someone

“A problem shared is a problem halved”. Talking to someone you trust can help remove feelings of shame and guilt. Having a good support network around you who are aware of your feelings can help you manage stress.

2. Delegate

It is okay to need help and it is a sign of strength to ask for it. If you are able to delegate some of the parenting tasks to a partner, family member, or friends then do so!

3. Identify Must Dos with Could Dos

As mum’s we need to understand that we cannot do it all. If we finish the To Do list there will always be more. It’s important to differentiate between things we actually have to do and things that it’s not the end of the world to put off or not do all together.

4. Learn to say no

Say no when necessary. No is a complete sentence, it doesn’t have to be rude or unkind but you also don’t have to apologise or explain your choice. It can feel scary to say no but your future self will thank you!

5. Practice self care

Easier said than done but it’s like putting on your own oxygen mask before helping others. Work out what works for you and make time for yourself. You deserve to be a priority too!

So, let’s flip the script on Mum Burnout. It’s time to rewrite the narrative, one self-care ritual and boundary-setting moment at a time. Because amidst the chaos, there’s an opportunity for growth, resilience, and yes—unabashed joy. Let’s reclaim it together.

This article was written by Daisy Lainoff, a qualified Coach and founder of Me After Mum, a coaching service that empowers women to find their balance and navigate the transitions of motherhood. She offers a free introduction call as well as a number of coaching packages to suit all needs. For more information visit www.meaftermum.com/book or get in touch with Daisy via her profile page.