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Daisy Lainoff

Daisy Lainoff

Daisy is a qualified coach specialising in burnout and is the founder of Me After Mum, a coaching service designed to empower women to find their balance and navigate the transitions of motherhood.

Location: Surrey

Year Qualified: 2022

Areas of Expertise


At a time when I was feeling significant overwhelm “trying to do it all”, Daisy helped to me to understand that the pressure that I was feeling was driven entirely by internal narratives. She helped me to see that I was in fact in control of those feelings and directed me towards simple, tangible steps that I could take to reframe my thinking so that I could continue to push my business forward, without the unnecessary weight I was once feeling.

Kat, wanting to manage competing pressures

I came to Daisy to address my ambition for generating a passive income. She skilfully questioned me, prompting reflection on my motivations and ideas, and challenged me in ways I couldn't have on my own. Through her patient guidance and insightful inquiries, she helped me navigate closer towards my goals.

Jo, wanting to expand her income

I started working with Daisy after I found myself in a stressful situation at work. I was so stressed and overwhelmed with my competing priorities of work and family. I was never able to be fully present with either and just ended up feeling guilty. A project I was working on came to an end and I was completely exhausted. I knew something had to change but I didn't know where to start. Daisy helped me identify my priorities and clearly say what I was looking for in my next career step.

Emma, wanting to define her priorities

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Business and Personal Coaching Training Programme
    • Transactional Analysis 101
    • NLP Practitioner with Advanced Coaching

    Professional Background

    Before becoming a coach I spent worked in both the private and public sector. Originally I trained as an management accountant and started a career in finance which lead me to consulting. I really enjoyed consulting but it was a constant high pressure fast paced work life and once I left I realised how unsustainable it was in the long run. I joined the Civil Service and had the opportunity to work in the Cabinet Office, Defra, and DHSC on a number of strategies and policy areas, including EU Exit, Covid response and The National Food Strategy.

    What drew you to coaching?

    During my pregnancy, I was signed off work due to burnout and anxiety. It was such a stressful time, but what added to the stress was that I began to question everything that formed part of my sense of self. 

    I had always been really career driven and now I wasn’t working.  

    I could no longer do so many of the fun things that I felt made me, me. 

    After my son was born, people stopped asking about me as an individual, everything related to my son. I felt like I stopped existing as me and just existed as Mum.

    When I shared my feelings with other mums, I realised burnout was not an experience unique to work, but something almost every mum, no matter how old their child was, was going through in some aspect of their life. 

    I realised that I wanted to empower women to find their balance and navigate the transitions of motherhood.

    Fee Structure

    Introduction 30 minutes: Free
    An opportunity for us to discuss your goals and reasons for seeking coaching and explore how we’d work together and for you to find out more about me.
    Single Session 60 minutes: £75
    Six Session Package 6 x 60 minute sessions plus 1 x 20 minute check-in: £420
    Twelve Session Package 12 x 60 minute sessions plus 2 x 20 minute check-ins: £780
    Birth Reflections 90 minute: £90
    A safe space to reflect on your birth experience. We will discuss your expectations and how you feel about the realities you experienced.

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