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Honouring You hosted by Prarthana Rao

Date: Join anytime

Price: £ 55 per month

Honouring You – A monthly emotional well being membership to guide you back home to you. So you can live a life that feels delicious, juicy and truly like the one you’ve been secretly dreaming of.


Overview of the programme

  • Your dream membership for your emotional well-being.
  • A space to share without filter and receive without judgement.
  • A supportive sisterhood you can be real and more yourself with.
  • A support system to lean on, learn from and be inspired by.
  • With me guiding you and holding your hand through this beautiful journey.
  • Every step of the way.


This programme will give you 

1. Access to monthly live group mentorship calls for you to be personally guided and supported in your journey to honour yourself. These will be magical! If you can’t attend live, no problem, they will be recorded so you can watch them back in your own time.

Powerful meditations/

2. Srituals/self-care practices to introduce into your routine and help you ground deeper into your power so you can stop waiting and start living.

Weekly journaling prompts, workbooks and affirmations to complement your self-love journey.

3. Ongoing support in the form of a private online group. A space for shares, to be witnessed in your mess and connect with like-minded women who will hold you accountable so you can show up for yourself – every day.


The key themes will include:

  • The foundational work of grounding into your deep and abundant self worth
  • The practice of letting go of any toxic, self sabotaging behaviour – your ticket to making friends with that inner critic
  • Reconnecting with your heart, tuning into your intuition and checking in with what you truly desire
  • Practice to inculcate self love – your manifestation superpower
  • Loving yourself so unconditionally that you magnetise what you desire
  • Exploring habitual patterns that hold you back
  • Creating and upholding boundaries
  • Deep self resourcing and creating safety
  • Discovering more and unmet parts of you so you can live more intentionally
  • This will be a dynamic space where Prarthana will create new tools and introduce new resources depending on what the group needs and desires


There is more 

1. Monthly calls will be held via Zoom and will take place on the first Thursday of each month at 1pm UK time

2. The calls will include self-care practices, Q&As and group coaching

3. Ahead of our call together, you will be sent a self-love workbook so you’re already in the space we are going to be exploring

4. Rituals, journal prompts and affirmations so you can root yourself into your power


The host of this programme Prarthana Rao, learn more about her on her profile page. Ready to explore this program click the button below to find out more at Prarthana’s website