For quiet professionals, it can be challenging to confidently showcase our strengths at work without feeling like we’re drawing attention to ourselves or showing off. We might assume that people who are better at self-promoting are more likely to get opportunities and rewards. However, by subtly demonstrating your strengths, you can highlight your value while remaining true to your quiet nature.

Below are 3 effective strategies to showcase your strengths at work, allowing you to get the recognition you deserve:

1. Active Listening 

One of the most abundant strengths of quiet people lies in their ability to listen and empathise, and as mums, we have this in bucket loads. Whilst it might appear as though we’re not joining in, quiet people often listen deeply and think before they speak, meaning they can truly understand others’ needs and concerns, and are able to provide thoughtful, well informed input when it matters the most.

Using phrases like “I’ve been listening to what you said, and I think…” demonstrates you acknowledge and value others’ perspectives, and that you are a team player.

2. Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving  

Quiet professionals and those who are more introverted often process information internally, weighing up all the information available before reaching a decision. Taking a collaborative approach and sharing your ideas as a contribution to a problem can help to demonstrate your problem solving skills in a subtle way and without dismissing others’ ideas.

Try using phrases such as “I’ve been considering different approaches and I think it could be worth exploring XYZ…”

3. Cultivate Your Professional Reputation 

Getting clear on your personal brand is something I’m passionate about when working with coaching clients. When we know who we are, we can be more confident in what we deliver.

Make it a point to show up as you say you’re going to, provide consistently high quality work and meet deadlines – demonstrate yourself to be a trusted and indispensable member of the team.

Drop me a note and let me know how you get on!

I’m Heather, a Career Coach passionate about helping quiet leaders and professionals to confidently show up at work and to get the recognition they deserve.

Remember, subtlety doesn’t mean diminishing your worth, it means shining in your own unique and powerful way.