Confidence is one of those alluring concepts that everybody attaches unique meaning to, would you agree? In over a decade as a mindset and embodiment coach and I never get the same answer when I ask clients to define confidence and what it means to them.

We do have one thing in common – it seems we all want more of it – for ourselves, for our children and for the people we love.

So let me ask you: Close your eyes and bring in the version of you that has ‘more than enough’ confidence.

Notice all that is there to notice: your posture, what you are wearing, what you are feeling, and what kind of things are you doing?

Feel into this. When you have all the confidence you need, what would you be doing, saying to yourself or others? What environment you are in? Who are you being?

If nothing comes to you, stay with the intention to bring in a moment when you felt truly confident in your life.

Now from this state, I’d love to facilitate you to learn how you ‘do’ confidence and develop a simple, unique to you framework, so you can bring this attitude anytime you need it.

I have assembled 4 traits ( with self-journaling prompts) that people who come across as grounded and confident seem to be naturally good at:

Feel safe in your body and mind.


We all feel internal and external turmoil at times and it is important to remember that there is always something you can do to shift the feeling of overwhelm. Grounding in your own resilience, values and strengths often means finding safety in your body and mind and trusting the resourceful parts of your mind rather than believing the inner critic.

What can you do to tend to your nervous system, body and heart today to feel grounded and capable?


Be loyal to your dreams, rather than your fears


We now know that confident women feel fear, doubt, guilt and all the range of emotions. They simply don’t act on it.

If you let your dreams lead your actions, thinking and behaviours – what small action will you take today?

Love yourself by building habits and systems.


Have the self-discipline to do what you said you’ll do, despite fear or doubt or feeling of being stuck in a challenging environment.  Remember, it is good to have goals you are making progress towards when circumstances are perfect, but the systems or habits will get you moving when things are tough.

What habits and systems will you need to put in place today to support you in moving forward towards what you truly desire?


Be certain that you can hold it.


Rocking this motherhood, business and life gig is not a giant leap, but the commitment to make small incremental shifts daily to experience more of what you wish in your life. You have capacity to hold all that is demanded of you by being lazer focused on what is important at this moment in life and either saying ‘no’ to or delegating, automating, or asking for support on all the rest. This is a muscle that needs exercising daily and will give you the evidence you’ve been asking for.

What can you drop from your to-do list, or delegate or create systems for or simply ask for support on, today?

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