This unique private class goes beyond the conventional presentation. Ekaterina connects deeply from the heart, focusing our collective attention on 3 pivotal science-backed shortcuts to feel good at home, work, and life in general. 

This session is tailored for mothers stuck in the joy-sucking repeated cycle of overload and rut and craving to find their rhythm of presence, joy, and profitability.

Drawing on two decades of experience, enhancing the lives of senior corporate leaders and teams and supporting entrepreneurial mothers, Ekaterina will share: 

  • expert insight into what will break the repeated cycle of overwhelm, unfulfillment and stagnation  
  • 3 research-backed foundational pillars to focus on daily to feel good in motherhood, work and life
  • simple, practical, easy-to-implement ideas to be in our ‘power’ behind the scenes daily


Ekaterina Ward is a Mindset & Embodied Leadership Coach, she supports Mothers in Business to ⁣feel good as they raise their Energy, Income & Impact without sacrificing their own needs or precious family time.

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