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Rule Your Finances™ Academy by Anna Orenstein-Cardona


An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

– Benajmin Franklin

Anna Orenstein-Cardona believes that we ALL deserve to live an Abundant Life & that means allowing our MONEY to flourish.
So, that it not only protects us and those we love, but also gives us the FREEDOM TO MAKE CHOICES.
🤯 However, it’s easy to feel STUCK & CONFUSED on the road to Financial Freedom!

In fact, you may be feeling:

✔️ STUCK in a non-ending cycle of living paycheck to paycheck

✔️ LOSING sleep over how you will reduce your Debt

✔️STRESSED about where to even start when it comes to building generational wealth

✔️ DEFLATED as inflation eats up your hard-earned savings

Or actually…

YOU may have a retirement fund and even invested in a brokerage account, but you haven’t been ACTIVELY involved because all the financial mumbo jumbo is confusing.

So, what happens?

You end up waiting and waiting…stuck in ANALYSIS PARALYSIS!

And the more time passes, the further you DELAY YOUR MONEY’S ABILITY TO GROW.

You also REDUCE THE POWER to spend your time & energy on the people, pets, and activities that you LOVE.

Now, this is what you need to know…

Many times what holds you back from stepping into your FINANCIAL POWER – especially as WOMEN – has NOTHING to do with your skills & abilities, but EVERYTHING to do with:

  • FEAR of not having enough money knowledge and making a financial mistake
  • HUSTLE & BUSTLE OF LIFE, balancing work, family, relationships, and household duties
  • LIMITING money beliefs that we carry from childhood
  • WRONG MONEY STRATEGIES, such as focusing on spending less vs learning to transform your money into asset

Anna Orenstein-Cardona is introducing…

Rule Your Finances™ Academy:

A step-by-step online course & group coaching program teaching the Art of Welcoming, Managing, and Investing your money to take control of your Financial Power.

To register and learn more about Anna and Rule Your Finances™ Academy click the registration button below.