Amidst last month’s celebration of Valentine’s Day, which encouraged reflections on various forms of love – be it romantic, friendship, familial, or the bonds we share with our cherished furbaby companions – it is paramount not to overlook the most fundamental relationship of all: the one we have with ourselves

Financial Self-Love Unveiled: 

Financial Self-Love is not confined to budgeting and saving; it’s a profound commitment to our well-being and future prosperity.

In fact, I firmly believe that our financial health serves as a direct reflection of the love and care we have for ourselves. When we invest time and energy to learn, grow, save, and strategically invest, we send a powerful message to ourselves and the universe – that our financial well-being matters. This commitment creates a positive domino effect throughout our lives.

Transformation in Action: 

In my daily work with clients, I witness the transformative power of Financial Self-Love. As individuals begin to take their financial health seriously, abundance manifests in various forms – from tangible achievements like salary increases and improved monetary returns to unexpected bonuses, finding the perfect home, and discovering new business opportunities.

My wish for you is to unlock your Financial Self-Love and witness its transformative magic in every facet of your journey. It’s not about becoming a financial expert overnight; it’s about taking small steps today to show love to your future self.

Below I share two key tips to kickstart your journey:  


Consider dedicating just 20 minutes to assess if your current cash savings are earning a decent return. Exploring alternatives in this higher interest rate environment is a thoughtful act of love towards your financial future. A simple Google search for “best cash savings rates in February 2024” can be valuable tools in this endeavor.


A spending plan allows us to track our income and expenses, providing a clear picture of where our money goes. By incorporating savings goals and addressing any outstanding debt, we take proactive steps toward our financial dreams and aspirations.

Remember, it’s not about restriction; rather, it’s a tool that empowers us to allocate resources consciously, ensuring money actions are in alignment with our values and long-term objectives.

That’s why I believe that embracing a spending plan is an act of self-love, signifying our commitment to financial clarity, security, and a flourishing future.

…  Friends, I hope this serves as a reminder to invest in our well-being and prosperity. So, as we step into March, we carry forward the spirit of Financial Self-Love.

After all, as Diane Von Furstenberg has said,

“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself.”


This article was written by our partner coach, Anna Orenstein-Cardona, founder of Wear Your Money Crown®, an empowering, woman-owned financial education and coaching firm that is passionately dedicated to bridging the financial inequality gap and transforming lives through education. Whether you are an individual seeking the confidence and know-how to achieve financial well-being or an organization aiming to promote financial wellness, Anna is dedicated to supporting your goals and aspirations.

You can contact her via or via her profile page HERE.