So many of us wake up every morning dreading work.

We feel there is no way out and that we won’t have it better anywhere else. So what’s the point in even looking!

Is this what life is all about?

Feeling miserable every day and looking for our 2 week holiday where hopefully we can switch off (not sure that is possible with kids).

Ok so I have painted a pretty grim picture here but this is the reality of many of my clients.

We never take a step back and think, ‘Is this what I want my life to look like?

Is this really what I imagined for myself when I was a child?

The answer most definitely is NO. So what can we do here?

Well there is a lot you can do if you are willing to change what you believe.

Stay with me…

What you are believing is based on past evidence.

To do something different, you need to believe something else.

If you keep your old beliefs, you will keep living the same day over and over again and telling yourself it’s not better anywhere else.

But I want to challenge you here. It’s not better where you are now. Think about that.

But it’s risky to move jobs I hear you say. Yes I agree but why not just BELIEVE that it’s possible to have work that you enjoy or that you can have it better somewhere else.

You might think this is pointless but trust me a small shift in your belief systems makes all the difference.

When you start to believe something new, your brain gets creative and comes up with alternatives and solutions. And the most amazing thing is that your brain will start to find evidence for your new belief system. It’s true.

Your brain can’t take in the whole world, so it scans it based on your current beliefs and finds evidence to support it. 

Now go and do 2 things: 

  • What are your current beliefs about your job. Write them down.
  • Create a new, empowering belief that is believable to you. It should be realistic and empowering.


It’ll only take you 5 mins. Let that new belief plant itself in your brain and let it find evidence for you.

You are not alone my friend. Many people feel the way you do. But the difference between you and them is that you want to change it.

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