Careers are no longer linear, and employees are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate squiggly careers in organisations.  

If you work in an organisation where career paths are beginning to look non-linear, how do you find the clarity you need to navigate career changes? 

Here are my top 3 tips to help you navigate a squiggly career:


  1. Focus on your strengths – no matter your career stage, there must be some things you do effortlessly! Make a note of such things and ask yourself which skills you often use at work, and what are your strengths. Analyse your work tasks and spend 30 minutes every week reviewing them- notice which parts of work felt energising and which ones left you feeling exasperated.  
  2. Know your unique value proposition: collect feedback, and ask the people you trust, what they value in you. Ask 5-7 people (whose opinions you respect) to describe you in a few words? What do they think is your greatest achievement? 
  3. Increase your self-awareness: Uncover your limiting assumptions, notice what brings you fulfilment at work and what really matters to you. Coaching often leads to an increase in self-awareness. You could work with a Coach who supports you and challenges you by holding up the mirror.  

As you learn more about yourself, the clarity and confidence you gain will enable you to experiment with challenging roles, lateral job assignments and new career opportunities, helping you navigate a squiggly career.  

“What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me.” – Helen Keller 

I am Sonam, a Career and Change Coach, armed with a wealth of Corporate HR experience in global organisations. I work with clients in large and mid-sized organisations helping them navigate their career change and professional development. Check out my profile: