Have you ever felt like you’re not enough? Do you find you doubt yourself?


It’s easy to doubt your capabilities or feel unhappy and frustrated with life, but there are small actions you can take to feel happier and more peaceful.

Here are three ways to clear your doubts, build confidence and find your potential within.


1) Be intentional with your desire for personal growth


Deciding to grow and change is powerful. When you make a decision to pursue growth, you will find there is support everywhere. This can be in the form of an audiobook, attending a webinar or finding a mentor who can share their advice. The more you hear from others, the more you will believe in yourself too.


2) Identify your values


When you lack a clear goal, you can feel aimless or stuck. By getting clear on your values, this will help you make easier decisions with greater confidence. Ask yourself when was a time you felt happiest, when did you feel most proud, and when have you felt most fulfilled? Who were you with and what else contributed to these feelings? By identifying these situations, you will be able to see what you value, which in turn creates more confidence.


3) Think little and often


By taking small steps, you build evidence that you can do more and you ARE more. Keep reminders that you are good enough. This can be in the form of a success list. Whatever you accomplish, big or small, write it on your list. When you start to doubt, remind yourself of your capabilities by looking at the list.

It doesn’t matter how slow you go, just keep on going. This is all any of us need to know. When you believe in yourself, your potential isn’t something you need to reach; it’s something waiting to be discovered.

This article was written by Megan Camacho, founder of Balanced Mother Coaching. Megan created Balanced Mother to help support working mothers who struggle with guilt whilst wanting to love their career and motherhood too.

You can contact Megan via her partner coach profile page.