Megan Camacho

Helping working mothers go from overwhelmed to in control of their career and motherhood.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2011

Areas of Expertise

  • Career change

  • Confidence & imposter syndrome

  • Clarity of direction & goal setting

  • Life coaching

  • Personal branding & LinkedIn

  • CV writing

Coaching Qualifications

  • Diploma in Executive Coaching, Academy of Executive Coaching

  • Certificate in Life Coaching, Transformation Academy


"Coaching with Megan has really helped me to make more time for myself. With her coaching, I have learned to prioritise myself and my needs."

VM, Birmingham

"I feel supported and so much more CONFIDENT and only have Megan to thank for that!"

SD, London

"The sessions have been so helpful, and not overwhelming. I have finally had time to think about what I really want and act on it."


KC, Hertfordshire

Professional Background

My career started out in media and PR in Los Angeles, USA. In 2007, I moved to London, for what I thought would be a year, to work for a law firm in their People Development team. This move brought about a complete life and career change for myself, and nearly 16 years later, I still live in London, now married to a Brit and raising a family.

Throughout the years, I have worked in recruitment and learning and development for a variety of companies, including Goldman Sachs, Lloyd's of London, Barclays and KPMG.  

After having my son in 2016, I took an 18-month career break which resulted in another major life and career transition. Since 2018, I have worked part-time for London's #1 university as a career coach supporting MSc and MBA students in career transitions, job search strategy, personal branding and interview prep.

In addition to my part-time role, I started Balanced Mother Coaching in 2020 to support working mothers in corporate to love their career and motherhood too. As a new mother, I really struggled with the guilt and overwhelm that comes with being a working mother, but by getting clear on my desires and confident in setting boundaries, I have created a life I love with time for my career and my family.


I love helping working mothers to identify their passions and create the best balance for themselves.

What Drew You To Coaching?

I first experienced coaching for myself in 2010 when I was able to participate in group coaching. I loved the way our coach asked questions to encourage deeper thinking and people were able to identify the best choices for themselves by finding the answers within.

It was later the next year when I decided to qualify as a coach myself to provide better support to the employees I was supporting and empower them to make the best career decisions for themselves as they progressed in their careers.

I am particularly passionate about supporting working mothers due to my experience of returning to work after maternity leave and having a coach of my own.


During this time, I was completely overwhelmed, feeling torn in multiple directions and dealing with guilt of not feeling able to give myself fully to my career or my journey in motherhood. It was with this coach that I was able to identify what I really wanted for my own life and put healthy boundaries in place.

My coaching can best be described as a safe space, a sounding board, and motivation to identify and go after your dreams. I challenge my clients in a caring, but constructive way, to encourage them to think deeply about what they really want for their life.

Fee Structure

Career Strategy Days


Ready for a career change or considering your next steps as you progress? My career strategy days will help you to review your current career situation, identify your career needs, and take action to create a career you love. Topics can be tailored to your specific needs. Choose from CV and cover letter review, interview preparation, personal branding and LinkedIn, networking and job search strategy.

£750 for 6 hours of 1:1 coaching

Balance & Self-Care Coaching


Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Wondering how you can balance career and motherhood? Take a day to review your current self-care and balance, identify your specific needs, and walk away with a clear action plan and confidence to set healthy boundaries.

We live in a society that rewards us for achievement, status and success. We work extremely hard to get there - ignoring what our bodies and minds are telling us. But what's the point of success or a great career if we're always stressed, overwhelmed, and don't have time for family and friends?

Let me help! My balance and self-care toolkit will help you make positive changes to create your version of a balanced life.

£750 for 6 hours of 1:1 coaching 

Group Coaching Programme: No Apology Needed: Love Your Career & Motherhood Too


This is a three-month group coaching programme supporting working mothers to ditch the guilt and make more time for self.

£1,047 in full or three payments of £375

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