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Connect and Reflect to Reclaim Your Confidence as a Coach with Elrika Erasmus

Date: The next course starts Monday 3 June – weekly for 6 weeks.

Price: £330 for 6 x 90-minute online group sessions

Serve your coaching clients with the same passion you started your business with!

Do you remember the clear goal you had and the passion you felt when starting your journey as a coach—how much you wanted to make a difference? You happily invested time and money into becoming a coach. But feeling overwhelmed by running your own business, you might also start to doubt if you should be coaching others.

With my 2 decades of experience as a mum, psychologist, coach and supervisor, you will be guided back to get onto the road you set out on. Coaching is not just about running a business but also about delivering quality service to your clients. We will look at how your goals and values interact and what has affected your confidence and do a fascinating deep-dive into motivation! This is a safe space for you to speak about navigating a coaching business alongside life, juggling the demands of clients with those of your own family, and making a few friends from fellow coaching colleagues.

Don’t let a wobble like anxiety or lack of confidence undermine all the investments you have already made in your coaching career. Embrace the opportunity to become the coach you truly aspire to be by engaging in continuous professional development and reaching your professional coaching goals.

The host of the course is Elrika Erasmus (Doctoral Candidate, ILM-7 Leadership and Executive Coach, Coaching & Practitioner Psychologist (HCPC, AFBPsS))

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