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Back to Work with a Bang hosted by Hannah Porteous-Butler

Master your post-parental leave comeback like the boss you truly are!

We’re cutting through the chaos, from the emotional whirlwind that is returning to work, to the practicalities of your daily grind, gearing you up to reclaim your professional space with unmatched confidence and self-assurance.

With my expert insights, you’ll be equipped with strategies and tips to navigate your return to the workforce.
This interactive session is not only for those on maternity leave, it’s also for those who are still trying to navigate a career post-children. This is your opportunity to voice concerns, dismantle doubts, and forge alliances.
Get ready to elevate your game, redefine your work narrative, and make your return to your career unstoppable.

Please get in touch with Hannah via her profile page or email at for this session’s next date.

Hannah Porteous-Butler is a parent & maternity coach, she helps her clients rediscover their identity in parenthood, manage the integration of their parent and work lives, and support them to thrive at that intersection to live a life that brings them joy.