Change is hard! Whether a welcome change or not, adjusting takes time and energy and causes stress. Together we will explore different ways to ease the process of adapting to transitions – large or small.

In this talk you will learn how a number of strategies can assist you during times of transition. These will be applicable to a range of circumstances, from starting a new job, moving home, having a baby, experiencing loss or grief, and many other milestones.

This session will give you a range of tools to choose from when you are finding a given change difficult. We will look at mindset, social support, organisation and self care (including thinking about what self-care is really all about).


The host of this session is Tricia King, a Matrescence & Transition coach,  she supports mothers during the transition to motherhood, or during any other transition, to practice self-compassion while they define their values, strengths and relationships in the context of a shifting identity.

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