We’ve survived the holidays – now what?

Now that we’re in post holiday season, is it time to relax?

Challenges and curveballs can happen any time and throw us into a complete spin, completely changing our plans.

How do we cope with unexpected change?

We can experience ill-health; either our own or that of someone we look after.

Or we can be travelling to work, but the weather adds hours to our commute, if indeed, we get there at all.

We can find our jobs change, or even disappear, at short notice.

Challenges and delays to our hard-established plans can cause us to

experience overwhelm and frustration. They can even drive us to despair if we’re already exhausted and just coping.

Recently, I discovered that my mobility will be compromised for the

foreseeable future. It has taken me time to get my head around this. I’m now in more positive headspace to adjust my carefully crafted plans.

So how can we cope with unexpected change? Theses five tips can help all of us.

1. Remember we are never alone.

We do not need to be stoic and bottle things up. Sharing what is

happening in our lives can be so helpful. We may discover others are

coping with difficult challenges, even if they are different. By offering and receiving support in life, we can feel less isolated and so much better. We may even be able to help each other.

2. Stand back and assess

It is helpful to take time to assess our future options, regardless of what our plans were. We can feel more positive when we do that, especially if we do it with others.

3. Self -Care is essential

We can be so busy worrying about the consequences of unexpected

change that it’s easy to forget to look after ourselves. My favourite quick self-care methods are these:

simply spending five minutes in silence while looking out of the window, watching the world go by in silence. That lets us declutter our minds of our challenges.

Listening to a short meditation or inspiring podcast.

Writing in my gratitude journal.

If you are a person of faith, prayer can help. It helps me a lot.

4. Eat well

Even if we think we don’t have time to cook, it’s worth using time-saving devices, like a slo-cooker. For example, by using frozen veg with ready- chopped meat, stock cubes, tinned tomatoes and seasoning, a healthy meal can be prepared in around ten minutes. Let it cook on ‘low’ all day and you’ll have delicious meals for a few days.

5. Embrace the new plans

One of my favourite books is ‘The Gap and The Gain’ by Dan Sullivan. The gap would be the loss of our previous lives or plans. The gain is knowing and appreciating what we’ve had and embracing what is yet to come.

So keep talking, keep sharing, don’t panic and embrace the new plans.

I offer one to 1 coaching and/or a six-month supportive group programme for women. Please contact me via my profile page or at maggie@maggieroderick.com for more details on how I can work with you in a way that suits you.