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Ella Biggs

Ella Biggs

I specialise in supporting coaches with their digital marketing. I help you to be more visible and develop practical strategies to gain confidence and control and grow your business with consistency.

Location: Wiltshire

Year Qualified: 2022

Areas of Expertise


Ella has transformed my approach to my work. She listens with a sympathetic ear and encourages me to understand and articulate for myself the aspects that hold me back. She balances encouraging me to be more ambitious with setting really manageable goals, ensuring I can make tangible progress month to month and boosting my self-confidence. I would highlight in particular how Ella was able to demystify social media, turning it from one of my least-liked and least-understood tasks to a manageable, in fact enjoyable, part of my business. Importantly our sessions have been fun, open and honest - she is a cheerleader and coach in one!

Lizzy, Artist

I am really enjoying working with Ella. She not only gives me the space to think and come up with my own answers but also challenges my thought processes at the same time. It’s given me the chance to broaden my thinking and understanding of actions to be taken next and to compartmentalize what is and isn’t a priority for me.

Melissa, Virtual Assistant

Working with Ella has really helped me to get clear on what I need to do and break things down when I feel overwhelmed. She has a great way of making you feel calm and get clarity on a way forward. Ella has a kind and gentle nature, yet helps you to take action on the important tasks. I would highly recommend Ella to anyone looking to get unstuck and overcome any obstacles they feel are in their way of moving forward.

Jane, Holiday Let Industry Coach and Consultant

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Certified with The Alligned Coaching Academy
    • Accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management

    Professional Background

    The early years of my career were spent at Lazard Asset Management where I worked as part of their distribution, sales and marketing team for seven years.  

    After three children (and being a military wife), I then realised that full-time employment wasn’t feasible. I retrained as a social media consultant and Facebook and Instagram Ads specialist. I went on to establish my own successful social media business, Social Ella, which gave me the freedom, flexibility and location independence that I needed.

    I have been running my own business for over six years but realised my passion was really to help people. I then went on to gain my coaching qualification in early 2022 and am now certified by the Aligned Coaching Academy and accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Why coaching? Why me? Because I’ve been there! I used to think I could do it all myself. I was always in a state of panic and chaos, never had any structure to my day and was constantly chasing my tail and was always on the back foot. I felt like a failure, both in life and business. 

    I soon realised this wasn’t sustainable, and that it had to stop. After investing in a coach myself, I changed dramatically in a really short space of time.

    I started to take care of myself and put boundaries in place. I went from feeling that I didn’t have a business to having a consistent (and growing) monthly income. It is because of the experience and expertise that I am so passionate about passing on this knowledge and supporting you with your journey.

    Using recognised coaching methods including my unique Signature Success Wheel system, I can support you to:

    Be really clear on your goals and intentions through planning and organisation.

    Work through the chaos and feeling of overwhelm that surrounds you and your business.

    Find your true purpose.

    Manage the juggle – put systems in place that work for you.

    Build more confidence and self-worth.

    Be more visible in your business and marketing

    Grow your business in a way that works for you including creating a clear marketing and social media strategy.

    Fee Structure

    1 x one-hour session: £150-£250

    6 x one-hour sessions: £1250

    Other, bespoke options are available depending on your needs and budget.

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