“I surely haven’t broken that many mugs in the last 15 years, have I?” Maya muttered this to herself one day as she counted up the mugs she had broken.


As she counted, she realised that she had broken eight or nine mugs in the last 15 years.

When Maya breaks anything in the kitchen, she rushes to clear it up before her husband notices.

So what’s the story behind her behaviour?


Well, during the first few years of her marriage, Maya was told by her husband that she was clumsy and kept breaking things.

Initially Maya didn’t agree with what was said about her but as time went by, she started to hold onto his opinion as the truth.

She carried his opinion as the truth for ten years which really affected the way she showed up in life.

Maya doesn’t know whether her husband still believes she is clumsy these days, but what she does know is that she allowed the opinion of another to affect her self-confidence. And this allowed her to have negative thoughts about herself that she didn’t question.

Have you had a similar situation or do you have a similar story to Maya’s?


Have you had a different experience that affected the way you view yourself or know of people that this has happened to?

If you have, then try and ask yourself whether there is any truth in what was said. Check whether that opinion serves you or not. Does it empower you or disempower you?

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