The day begins long before the sun peeks over the horizon. Breakfast to prepare, lunches to pack, little people to get ready —all before diving into your own work tasks and personal agenda. And the morning rush to get out the door? It’s a familiar scene, isn’t it?

Lately, I’ve noticed a growing dialogue among my different circles regarding the challenges women are still constantly facing in returning to work after maternity or career breaks. Working mothers struggle to find roles offering genuine flexibility or healthy, sustainable and guilt-free work-life balance. Despite growing rhetoric around inclusivity, well-being, and flexible working, why do so many women still find themselves grappling?

It is the imperfections and challenges of motherhood, in all its rawness, that offer us incredible opportunities for growth. Yet for years, we’ve been encouraged to embody a sort of superwoman ideal—a figure who effortlessly balances a thriving career with family responsibilities and life’s myriad challenges. The dissonance between the real and the ideal has left many of us confused as to how we can reconcile our own authentic selves, and motherhood with our professional personas and journeys.

What many of us often don’t realise is that amidst the chaos of Motherhood, we master time management like pros as well as develop better adaptability, flexibility, and resilience—qualities that are cultivated by navigating the unpredictable waters of raising children, and are invaluable in the workplace.

Sadly, many of us put great effort into leaving the Mother in us at the workplace doorstep. In doing so, we leave behind those incredible assets motherhood has gifted us, and overlook the strengths we have each honed throughout that journey — unaware of their transferability and value in the workplace.

It’s time to shed a bright light on the contributions these skill sets can make to the workplace and show employers what we are made of. Use the following exercise sheet as a first-step to gain better clarity on your strengths as a mother and how you can better integrate your motherhood skills with your professional journey.

Let’s rewrite the narrative. Motherhood isn’t a burden; it’s a badge of honour. It’s time to embrace our strengths, celebrate our resilience, and showcase just how valuable we are to the workplace.

This article was written by Rebecca Mercer, founder of Rebecca Mercer Coaching, a coaching practice born from the passion to support women in making conscious career choices, do what they love and love what they do. You can get in touch with Rebecca at or via her profile page.