1. It is absolutely possible to find a career you love and still be the parent you want to be
  2. The stress and anxiety you feel in your current job does NOT mean you are not good enough. It is a sign you are not aligned – either with your strengths, values, purpose and ideal work environment.
  3. The fear you feel about making a change is completely normal. Your brain is wired to protect you, it loves certainty. It will try to persuade you to avoid change at all costs – it will choose anxiety, stress and unhappiness over potential happiness. This is why it feels so hard to make a change
  4. We are the average of the five people we spend most of our time with. We are all connected and absorb each others’ energies. Don’t listen to those who are not being courageous with their own lives. Listen to people who share your values and inspire you.
  5. Stepping out of your comfort zone will lead to a new career full of opportunities you can only dream of, interesting like-minded people and healthy ways of thinking and behaving. You will become the person you always had the potential to be and you no longer fear looking back on your life full of regret.

This article was written by Lucy Higgins, one of our partner coaches.  Lucy is a ICF accredited Career & Wellbeing Coach & Mum of two, with 20 years experience in Corporate Communications. She is passionate about helping unfulfilled Mums find work life happiness and harmony. You can get in touch via her profile page or book a free discovery call with her to find out more about coaching.