How to sum up confidence in a few hundred words? The key is to understand that there are two types of confidence.


True confidence is something most of us have to work on; it comes from within rather than without.

We might put on a tailored suit or nice pair of shoes, or power dress in order to trick the world into believing we have confidence.

While this can work, at least in the short-term, we must be careful not to depend on external markers of worth, especially when such things are prone to whim and/ or change.

It’s important to make the distinction between real confidence and the superficial version.

The former is about trusting that we are valuable human beings without the posturing or material trappings.

Real confidence is about being brave enough to present your authentic self – your true nature – to the world. And that includes any shortcomings!


Hands up: who’s guilty of trying to be super-human?

Once you know what you truly stand for, your power and the gifts you have to offer to the world – be it writing a book, running a high-powered business or caring for another – you’ll start to exude a natural confidence. As a result, life, relationships, opportunities will flow more easily.

When it comes to writing, confidence is the difference between an average piece of work and one that stands out; it exudes through whatever you choose to create.

I always encourage people to write, journal or express themselves in whichever creative way resonates with them, and I highly recommend writing, even if it’s only for yourself, as a healthy way to dig deeper, gain clarity and find your inner confidence.


Shirley McLellan is a publisher at Wellness Books and a writing consultant. Contact her at to discuss help with writing a book/ publishing.