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The Power of Coaching

Careering into Motherhood began as a Facebook community, five years ago.
In 2023 we launched our coaching partnership to be able to support more women with access to coaching expertise. Careering into Motherhood empower women, through coaching tools and resources, through our work with employers, and via our supportive community, to go build careers and ways of working that work for them.



10 top tips on how to pick a coach

When it comes to re-starting your career, supporting its progression or even launching and running a successful business, having a coach is invaluable. A good coach can help you navigate the waters of your career and give you the tools and advice you need to reach your goals. However, with so many options out there, how do you pick the right coach for you?

Here are Careering into Motherhood’s top ten tips to help you…

Looking for a Coach? How to narrow it down and create a shortlist

You might assume Coaching is something that senior execs get through work. That was a few years ago. Now coaching is much more accessible and really can be an incredibly helpful tool. It is very different from counselling which requires a clinical qualification and doesn’t usually have an end goal in sight, and very different from mentoring which is more informal, usually done by a more experienced person who will volunteer their time for free to someone less experienced, Coaching is about working with you to achieve outcomes you set.