A client came to me this week with a desire to return her focus to her career now that her kids were in their final years of school.  And it struck me that we often talk about (and coach) the parental transition after having a baby and the subsequent return to work, but we don’t always talk about all the transitions that follow.

So in this article, I’ll look at those transitions and delve into how they might impact your career choices. 

First day at school 

We’ve just been through the Autumn return to school.  For some it’s the first time which brings excitement, anxiety and pride.  For others it’s the first time that all their kids are out of the house all day, which brings new routines and the opportunity for change.

So at this stage, review your working patterns (and perhaps your role) especially if your childcare needs have changed.  Is it time to redefine your work life balance, reshape your role or go for promotion and what conversations need to be had both with family and with your employer to enable this?

Transition to senior school 

As our children move into Year 7, they become more independent (seemingly overnight!) and we may find we have more time on our hands (no school run, more time at the weekends when they’re with friends).

But that doesn’t mean they don’t need us, arguably they need us more as they navigate their own teenage transition.  And as exams loom, making time to support them may also impact on your working life so give yourself the space to consider what this means for you and what changes need to be made to give you all the best chance of success.

The shock of an empty nest 

When our children leave home we experience a range of emotions, from pride to grief but also excitement as a new chapter of our own lives begins.  So this is a key stage to not only give yourself the space to acknowledge this and reflect, but also to rediscover yourself, both from a career and personal perspective.

Without the buzz of a busy household, how can you reconnect with who you are and with what you’re passionate about? What do you want from your career now?  Perhaps you’re looking towards retirement and want to consider a career change.

All of these transitions can be supported through coaching. I’ve had clients at all stages who have redefined their personal purpose and intentionally shaped their career path as a result.

Ayesha Murray is an experienced EMCC accredited coach currently adding another string to her bow by undertaking Emotions Coaching Practitioner training. She has a successful podcast, The Parent Equation and has chaired a panel discussion at the House of Commons on Parental Support reform.  Find out more about Ayesha – https://www.careeringintomotherhood.com/coach/ayesha-murray/  


Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash