Jane Johnson

Founder of Careering into Motherhood

In 2016, I founded a flexible working recruitment firm after holding down a successful career in the City for 20 years. I’d hired teams, worked with recruiters and after a brief stint on maternity leave, I negotiated my own job-share when I returned to my role as a Global Director at HSBC.

I was the first person to do so at that level, but I knew my employer supported flexible working. I couldn’t understand why recruiters I’d worked with - as a candidate and client - never proposed candidates who wanted to work anything other than full-time hours. I knew so many talented women were leaving the workforce because young children, a full-time working week and a lengthy commute on top just weren't sustainable and they weren’t even getting past a phone call with recruiters. 


So I set out to work with candidates who wanted to work flexibly, and I collected clients who were happy to work with me on that basis. My clients included KPMG, CrossRail, Covent Garden Market Association, HSBC, BT, Nestle and Compass Group.


I began to see that if my candidates had great CVs, were well-prepared for interview, could prove they were the best person for the job and could negotiate well, they’d get the job.

So, in 2019, I set up the Careering into Motherhood platform, with the sole aim of helping mothers equip themselves with everything they need to bring together motherhood and ambition.

I've been invited to 10 Downing Street to advise the government on flexible working policy, and I regularly speak at events and write for the media on my experience related to these topics. 


If you’d like to discuss any kind of collaboration, please get in touch.