“A fifth of workers switching jobs or careers (20%) are motivated by the desire to find a role that better fits their lifestyle or offers more flexibility in their schedule.” HR News, Jan 3, 2024.

So, if you’re planning to take a leap of faith and change your job, you want to make sure that you’re making the right move and that you’ll be happy! So, how do you know if you’re joining an organisation that will provide you with a purpose, sense of belonging and impact? Here are my tips on how to assess if the organisation culture is right for you.

Identify what is important to you – It may seem obvious but take time to understand what is important to you in your next role.  What are your goals and values?  What are your non-negotiables?  These will be important when making decisions about which positions and organisations are right for you.

Do the research! Read about the organisation online, what are people saying about the organisation that they work for? What vibe does the brand give?  Does their EVP (Employer Value Proposition) align with your own personal identity?

Check out the working environment! Do you feel welcome and at ease? With interviews taking place online, is there an opportunity for you to visit the workplace to get a feel for the working environment.  What tools will you be given to do the role? Do you feel comfortable?

Team happiness – You can’t beat having a coffee chat in person with the people that you will be working with, to get a sense of how happy they are in their work.  Do you get a sense of connection?   Do they feel valued and appreciated? Is feedback encouraged?  Is communication open? Do people feel trusted and are they empowered?  If people are committed and loyal to the organisation and the Manager, then it’s highly likely that they’re having a great employee experience.

Wellbeing –Organisation’s that truly put people first will support the wellbeing of their people. People are treated as people and empowered to manage their own time; productivity is valued over presenteeism.  It’s understood that people are human, there is flexibility around working hours and location. There is a balance between work and life, it is recognised that it is important for people to be able to rest and recharge to be the best version of themselves.

Lifestyle fit – Does the organisation fit with your personal needs?  Will you still be able to pursue your hobbies? If you get that call from the nursery or school will your Manager, be understanding and supportive? Your happiness at work has an impact on your happiness at home.  So, consider if you are compromising on any areas of your life and what the impact may be.

By investing in you and prioritising what’s important to you in a company’s culture to align with your own personal brand, your future self will thank you!  When you’re offered the role and the compensation and benefits are right, well then, the stars have aligned!

I’d love to have a chat to see how I can support you to finding a workplace culture that works for you. Please visit my profile page where you can book an intro call with me.