This job is made for you. It’s got your name on it, if only you can smash the interview process.


As an Organisational Psychologist and Coach, I’ve worked with clients from a range of industries, helping them to prepare for the next step in their career.


Here I’ll share my three top tips for your next job interview. You’ll leave feeling super-confident that you’ve prepared well and have given it your best shot. And that’s all we can ask for.


1) Prepare, prepare, prepare


Interview questions are usually competency-based, which means they want to hear that you’ve demonstrated certain skills in the past (eg planning, communication, etc). Which competencies are most important for the job? They’ll probably be the ones they’ll ask you about. Use the STAR method to help you prepare:


  • Situation: brief overview
  • Task: the problem you needed to fix
  • Action: the specific actions you took
  • Result: the impact of your actions


2) Don’t be scared to use notes


If having notes will help you feel more confident, take in a page of bullet points you can refer to during the interview, laid out using the STAR method. If it’s a virtual interview, use the ‘peacock fan’ method and stick post-it notes all around the edge of your screen. This way you won’t always be looking down and can (almost) maintain eye contact when you need to check your notes. Peel them off as you use them so you have fewer notes to look at as the interview goes on.


3) Identify your ‘Me in 3’


What are the three key things that make you perfect for the role? Make sure you get them into the interview. If you haven’t worked them into your answers, use the end of the interview to make sure you shout about them. You’ll leave feeling confident and that you’ve done your absolute best.

Remember – this job was made for you!

Amy Shepherd is a partner coach. She offers an Interview Power Hour to help you prepare for your next interview. For more information, go to