Confidence is difficult to define, but we know it when we see it. The good news is that it can be learned but what about ‘true, deep-down confidence’ that shines from within?

As a coach who is also a counsellor and psychotherapist, I work with people often publicly perceived as confident but feeling like an imposter, playing a role and hiding their true self.

Why do people let their inner and outer confidence levels get out of sync?

Partly because we often have to ‘rise to an occasion’ before we have readied ourselves and so we are always in ‘catch-up mode’. It could be an impromptu presentation at work or having to speak in front of a group.

What if, instead, our inner confidence ran ahead of the demands of us. That we were ready, willing and able for the unexpected and spontaneous. We might naturally exude a calm, confident air about us, that others will perceive.

Within a few sessions together, clients can feel congruent again, their inner confidence rising to match their public image, leading to a sense of well-being and contentment. Imagine feeling that, no matter what life throws at you, you will be resilient and thrive. That confidence in yourself is priceless.

Coaching is a gift that you can give to yourself or to someone for whom you care. It can unite your innermost feelings and your outer persona, and when they are in harmony, that type of confidence is authentic and believable.

The best aspect is that it is easy, is not forced and is sustainable, so that you can be the best ‘you’ that you can be.

This article was written by our partner coach, Catherine Sansom.